Did the disciples stop following Jesus because he did not give them more free bread? Some say, the disciples left because Jesus would not provide more bread.

This clearly does not make any biblical sense:

  • Did the Jews murmur about not receiving more free bread in John 6:41-42? No!
  • Did angry augments break out over lack of free bread, in verse 52? No!
  • Did the Jews say in verse 52, “how can this man not give us “free bread” to eat?” No!
  • Did the disciples say, “this saying is hard, who can accept it,” because Jesus denied more free bread? (60) No!
  • Did Jesus ask the twelve if they were going to leave, due to lack of free bread? (67) No!

This clearly does not make any common sense:

  • The disciples of Christ who “gave up everything, including families and possessions” to follow Jesus, left him because they did not receive more free bread?
  • When Jesus turned water into great tasting wine, did the disciples ever threaten to leave the Lord if more wine was not provided?
  • Jesus promised eternal life to his disciples if they believed and followed him. The disciples abandoned the promise of eternal life over BARLEY BREAD?

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