Did the disciples leave because Jesus taught, to “truly believe” in him, required supernatural faith that many disciples did not have?


The Lord does not just want a relationship with you. He wants “intimacy” with you! We are all made for intimacy. There are studies that show if babies are not held, they can die. We are made for intimacy. It’s extremely intimate when spouses give their entire bodies to each other which create these beautiful babies. We are all intimate human beings.

Our intimate God came into this world as an intimate baby. How awesome is that! In John chapter 6, Jesus took intimacy one big step further. By consuming the Bread of Life, we transform into the Body of Christ. Our intimate God wants to fully (all in all) dwell within each and everyone of us.

In the Bread of Life Discourse, Jesus is talking about the requirement to have supernatural faith. His disciples were not “believing” in his supernatural teachings. Many disciples said, “this saying is hard, who can accept it.”(60). Then Jesus said, “what if you see the son of man ascend to where he was before?” (62) Contextually, why would Jesus say this?

  • Is ascending to heaven incomprehensible? YES
  • So is bread becoming literal flesh!
  • It is of the miraculous; it’s supernatural and that is the obvious point Jesus makes in verse 62.

Supernatural faith means to believe beyond scientific understanding and laws of nature; of the miraculous similar to his supernatural birth and the multiplying of bread and fish. Many disciples lacked in supernatural faith and therefore left him and went back to their former ways of living. Many Christians today lack the same faith.

Consuming his flesh and blood feeds our spirit (soul) which gives life, not our sinful flesh which is of no avail. We transform into the Body of Christ by spiritually being fed, so we too rise from the dead.

The New American Bible, Revised Edition

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