Did Jesus “exaggerate” his bread of life teachings which caused his disciples to leave?

After the multiplying of the bread in the beginning of John chapter 6, the massive crowd wanted to make Jesus king. The next day the crowd of people found Jesus in Capernaum and requested more bread from heaven. Some say that Jesus exaggerated his teaching to make the point that he is the bread of life, not the loaves they ate yesterday. The eating of his flesh and drinking of his blood in scripture was pure exaggeration, some say.

This great miracle is in all four gospels. Why would Jesus go out of his way to create a massive miracle of feeding 5,000 people right before the Bread of Life Discourse? Would not God know this may create a misunderstanding the next day that could lead people astray?

Jesus was clearly showing the Jews a supernatural miracle, one that could not be understood by natural law or scientific understanding. Multiplying five loaves of bread and two fish into feeding 5,000 people is incomprehensible for any human mind. This miracle was to prepare his followers for a supernatural belief that is required for eternal life; a supernatural teaching the Lord taught the very next day during the Bread of Life Discourse.

With the above theory, it sounds like Jesus created a big hype on accident, although he is perfect, and in order to clean up his mistake he had to exaggerate? To exaggerate about a symbolic message which caused many disciples to leave and give up on Christianity does not make any sense.

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