With scripture, we absolutely prove (100%) that Jesus was “not” speaking symbolically in the Bread of Life Discourse!

Many seek to be right, and as a result, they fail to seek the truth! Many people seek to be “right” rather than seeking for biblical “truth.”

We all at times try to justify and convince our minds that something is right when in fact it is wrong. Truth Campaign is about helping people seek truth in one of the most important teachings in the Holy Bible, the Bread of Life Discourse in the Gospel of John chapter 6.

The Bread of Life Discourse teachings demand true followers of Christ to believe like children, beyond scientific understanding and laws of nature. This supernatural faith is a “requirement” in order to obtain eternal life, according to Jesus. 53

For many Christians today, this is a huge stumbling block and many try to justify and convince their minds that Jesus in fact taught something different than what he preached.

The Bread of Life Discourse was preached at the synagogue in Capernaum. Prior to the discourse, Jesus promised eternal life to faithful and obedient disciples. Many disciples gave up their “way of life” to follow Jesus. Some disciples followed the Lord for months and years but then, something big happened!

Abruptly at the end of the discourse, many disciples left Jesus and returned to their former way of life, no longer accompanying him. 66

John 6:66 is the very first recorded Christian apostasy. Why did these disciples leave?